MetaIntroducing Meta

Led a small team of creatives, designers and strategists to rebrand one of the most influential companies in the world.

We launched Meta, the first brand to be designed in and for the metaverse. In Greek, Meta translates to “beyond” – a concept that inspired both the new identity and the ambition of the company. In addition to a new name, this project manifested in a new brand strategy, identity, design system + architecture. A company symbol was drawn from a single line in space using Meta’s Quest technology, forming a continuous loop that works seamlessly between 2D/3D contexts.

Drove a collaborative approach with key stakeholders across major groups at the company, including Product, Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing, Legal, Comms + Policy.

And ultimately, changed the global conversation about the company.

Project Lead
October 2021
Brand Strategy, Identity, Design + Architecture