Taco BellExplore

We developed the first-ever socially enabled loyalty program. The “Explore” game allowed customers to get rewarded just for “Living Mas.” Years ahead of its time, this was a fundamentally different way to think about loyalty – leaning on existing social behaviors and a smart push notification strategy to insert the brand into the relevant, share-worthy moments.

Client/Partnership Lead, Game Mechanics, Roadmapping/Feature Prioritzation
Aug 2015
Loyalty Program, Smartphone App
Andrew Carlson
Jean-Michel Hoffman, Jamie Quella
Jessie Harte

We asked customers to allow access to their Facebook, Twitter + Instagram accounts in exchange for the promise of free tacos. Once connected, our “Live Mas Algorithm” would determine whether certain social media activities (or taco purchases) qualified you for a puzzle piece. Finish puzzles and you get rewards. Best of all, the app runs in the background, so you can continue living your life – and only engage when you’re ready for “Mas.”

No one knows what triggers the “Live Mas Algorithm” – until they do.

Tips helped move people through the game.

As players progress, the puzzles became more complicated. And the rewards more valuable.