eBay Motors is an integral part of the automotive community. From their unique parts to the intimate “car guy” knowledge of their merchandising team, their brand identity and digital presence were selling them woefully short. So we gave them a little bit of a makeover.

Project Lead + Client Partner
Sept 2015
Brand architecture, visual identity and advertising.
Eric Dean, Brad Meyers
James Duffy, Greg Coffin
Tyler Gourley

eBay Motors is one of the leading parts destinations online, but they didn’t have much of a relationship with their buyers + sellers. The site offers everything from top brand parts to hard-to-find rarities. Because of that range, they were the single biggest reason many guys and girls were able to build, tune and tweak their cars/trucks/bikes. We developed a brand purpose and visual identity for them, then rolled it out with a marketing campaign featuring the best blend of art + science eBay had struck in years.

The campaign profiled "#MotorLife Truths," or daily slices of life that the community would truly recognize and appreciate, placed in the context of every day situations.

This :15 showcased a man working on a carburetor… in his kitchen.

A racing slick… that served as a tire swing.

We worked with Photographer Tyler Gourley to shoot stills of these “Truths” for use in social and as display ads.